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A computer mouse is a hand-held pointer that can detect two-dimensional motion through a surface. This motion sensor information transfers to the display pointer that allows to smoothly control the graphical user interface. The first real mouse use was conducted in 1968 that controlled a computer system in a public demonstration. It was originally wired to the computer in the beginning ow-a-days mice are programmed with wireless devices that depend on short-range radio communication to control the specific device. In the original design, a mouse had a ball rolling that detected motion when it was dragged along a surface, but now it has changed to an optical sensor that has no mechanical and provides a better solution. A mouse can have more than one clickable button to conduct many types of functions such as selection, going back in a page, going forward in a page and other certain activities. Mice now has a wheel that allows the user to scroll up and down in certain pages.

Best Brands Available in IHP Corporation
IHP Corporation has brought the best quality and performing mice to Bangladesh. There are varieties of Brands that you can choose for your perfect mouse. The Top Brands that Star Tech has brought for you are Razer, Gamdias, KWG, MaxGreen, Apple, Xiaomi, Microsoft, HP, Delux, Logitech, Dell, Rapoo, SteelSeries, Lenovo, A4 Tech, Havit, Corsair, Prolink, MotoSpeed and Micropack. You will be able to find any type of mouse starting from normal usage to gaming ones. There are 3 main types of mouse available, and these are Trackball mouse, Optical mouse and Wireless optical mouse. The pricing for all the mouse is very reasonable and affordable as Star Tech provides the Best Pricing for each product in Bangladesh. We also have added to our mouse collection the best RGB Mouses that are very attractive and also has multi functioning ability.

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Showing 1–15 of 85 results